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     About CalPhone Info

    The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created the Cal Phone Info website to provide information to consumers about telecommunications services.  Its goal is to help people understand the variety of phone services available, their rights to understand what is being provided to them and under what conditions, and how they can receive assistance with complaints about their service and bills.

    This website is the result of a CPUC decision, often referred to as the Consumer Protections Initiative or CPI, which ordered consumer protections, rights, and an education initiative related to telecommunications services.

    The decision also issued a new proceeding regarding in-language assistance to people who are limited English proficient.  

    The decision from the in-language proceeding specified that if a telecommunications company markets services in a language other than English, it must also provide customer service verbally in the same languages it markets services.  It must also provide in those same languages written documents regarding services, such as contracts, or a link to a website where the customer can access the information in the other languages.

    As a result of both decisions, the CPUC provides education materials in the languages most spoken in California.  Telecommunications-related materials in other languages are posted on, or linked from, this website.  Fact Sheets on consumer programs are available on the Commission's website in a variety of different languages.

    The CPUC has also implemented a program where consumers are provided outreach, education and complaint resolution assistance in the language of their choice through a statewide network of Community Based Organizations.  It is referred to as the TEAM (Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages) program.  The current network provides assistance in 33 languages.

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